The Sunrise Readers are a reading scheme. They are a delightful series of carefully structured reading books to be used in the teaching of reading in the first years of a child’s education in English. These simple reading books have been empowering literacy in Zimbabwe since 1985!

First published by Longman Zimbabwe, the Sunrise Readers were written by Zimbabwean born, bred and educated teachers, Chrissie Lewis and Vivian Jenkins. Due to their user-friendly effectiveness in the process of teaching and learning reading, the Sunrise Readers soon became Zimbabwean teachers’ first choice.

More recently, the Sunrise Readers were revised to bring them up-to-date and relevant to today’s generation of Zimbabweans. This was done in consultation with Zimbabwean teachers, without losing anything that made them so popular and effective. The second edition was published by Pearson Education Africa. Now, with the closure of Pearson Africa, the third edition of these powerful little books is published by Sunrise Educational Publishing and is available in January 2023.

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